Mural Routes is dedicated to training and supporting mural artists and communities involved in mural arts through teaching, learning and sharing initiatives in mural art together.


Training: Current Programs

Introduction to Mural Art
Free visual art programs for all ages and abilities to explore creativity and skills in creating public wall art and murals

Leadership Training
Accessible training for leadership development and youth entrepreneurs (ages 16-29) in the field of mural art.

PALS (Public Art Learning Series)
Workshops for emerging and mid-career mural artists & project managers in all areas of mural art production, from budget and grant writing to wall assessment and hands-on skill building.

Mural Symposiums
National Mural Symposium (Canada) is a bi-annual 3-day gathering with the most knowledgeable muralists and project administrators in the field offering creative, technical and administrative conference sessions about public wall art.

Training: Past Programs

17th National Mural Symposium
October 23 - 25, 2015 in Toronto ON
Keynote speaker: Susan Cervantes
Symposium report coming soon

Faces of the Community 2015
Free community workshops in portrait photography & stencil making for all-ages. Workshops trained participants in the art of portrait stencil making and printing the stencils in outdoor spaces.

16th National Mural Symposium
October 25 - 27, 2013 in Toronto ON
Keynote speaker: Will Shank
Symposium report

The BIG Picture 2012
A training program including:
Leadership Training in Mural Arts and
Step x Step: Introduction to Mural Arts

15th National Mural Symposium
October 12 – 14, 2012 in Essex, ON
Symposium report
Check out the photo album

14th National Mural Symposium
October 28 - 30, 2011 in Toronto ON
Symposium report

Toronto Mural Seminar 2011
July 2011
Seminar report

Youth Leadership Training
Summer 2011 Program
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13th National Mural Symposium
Collingwood, Ontario - November 2010
Symposium report
Report appendix

12th National Mural Symposium
Midland, Ontario - October 2009
Symposium report & appendices

11th National Mural Symposium
Toronto, Ontario - November 2008
Symposium summary
(pdf 1.2M)

Report appendix
(pdf 4.25M)

10th National Mural Symposium
Huntsville, Ontario - October 2007
Symposium summary (pdf)

Wall Mural Course & Project 2008
Project summary
Wall Art Workshops 2007


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Mural Project Management
Starting your mural project? For information about fundraising, marketing, paint and surface materials, techniques and more
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Copyright and Contracts
Links to legal information, advice and sample documents related to the business of your mural project. 
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Health and Safety
Information to ensure artist health and a safe workspace or studio
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Mural Conservation
Link to Conservation Guidelines for Outdoor Murals on the Canadian Conservation Institute website for detailed information about the planning, creation and maintenance of outdoor wall art.
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Frequently asked questions and answers from the worldwide Mural Routes' community.
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Links to mural web resources

City of Ottawa Mural Guide - an online guide from Ottawa's Mural Program with an overview on project planning and management in Ottawa and beyond

Lovely Spaces in Unknown Places: Creative City Building in Toronto's Inner Suburbs - research paper by Michael Noble (pdf)

Community Public Art Guide - Informative and detailed online guide to making public artworks through collaboration with community, produced by Chicago Public Art Group.

Murals of Sherbrooke - Download the e-book about murals by the Sherbrooke, Québec urban revitalization organization MURIRS. The book is featured on the website, included in its extensive database of murals from around the world.

...more links on International Murals page

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